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We produce audiovisual and photographic content, in any format or genre and from a transmedia perspective, which allows us to integrate various disciplines, formats and media for distribution and dissemination.

How do we do it?

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The first phase is to identify their communicational objectives and the target audience, not only from the perspective of what you want people to know, but also regarding what you want them to do and feel.

With the information about objectives and the target audience we propose the genre or format of the work to carried out, means of distribution, duration or more suitable extension, style and tone; we assess the costs and we give the client technical advice to reach an informed decision.

Once the decision on what is to be done has been made, we define how it is going to be made by designing a work plan that includes the different specifications and deadlines for all the phases of the production of an audiovisual work: scripting, production or shooting plan, filming (shooting), editing, graphic and infographic design, sound design, and audio and video post-production, including sound desing and mastering.

The human team, according to its responsibilities and competences, contributes to the development of the product or service (audiovisual or photographic work and/or cultural project).

We rely on other companies and professionals to expand our skills through the experience and know-how of other audiovisualists, researchers, designers, sound engineers, musicians, etc.