Our focuses

We tell stories about nature and culture

Nature and culture are currently the main focuses of our work.

At m30m we are committed to these two aspects because we understand they are an inseparable part of being human: what we bring to the planet, through culture, and what it brings back to us, a beautiful place to live in, which we share with other species.

We know there are many things to tell and spread and that many people and organizations are needed to do so.

M30m does it from the languages of the 21st century, because recovering and spreading implies adapting, being flexible, investigating and innovating in the means that allow us to get closer to more people.

Why Chile?

Chile has a cultural heritage and a nature unknown to the rest of the world, even to the inhabitants of this geographically long and narrow country.

Natives with diverse customs and lifestyles, due to their diverse climates and geographies, cultural blend result of the diverse colonizations, music and Andean colors, ancestral trades related to the sea and the wood, along with the impressive natural patrimony given by its climate and geographic biodiversity, flanked by the Andes mountain range, with more than 4000 volcanoes, rivers, lakes, glaciers and fiords, linked to a millenary fauna and flora.

When you arrive in Chile, nothing is the same, you know you have a lot to explore and contribute.

From America and Europe to the world

Having offices on both the American and European shores allows us to build links and bridges between two cultures that are connected and, at the same time, different.