Our history

In 2002, at the dawn of the 21st century, the cooperative m30m was founded in Spain by an interdisciplinary team, with a perspective of communicative and technological innovation in the field of education and popularization through audiovisual and new information and communication techniques. In 2010 the cooperative started developing projects in Chile and other American countries such as Colombia, with the support of Chilean colleagues. In 2015 m30m established itself as cooperative in Chile, with an international interdisciplinary team of professionals in the fields of  audiovisual, photography, communication, antropology, psichology and education.

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From the start we have concentrated on two main lines of work. Firstly, the creation of educational and informative audiovisual contents, with the support of public and private organisations from different social, environmental and cultural spheres. Secondly, the work with communities with little access to culture and art.

Topics such as rural heritage, cooperativism and civil partnership, environment and social participation have been the axes of our contribution and have resulted in the production of educational and informative documentaries and videos, the development of cultural projects, digital broadcasting platforms, communication campaigns, and training programs among other services and products.

Today, nature and culture have become our main focuses, and thanks to our know-how, gained through over 15 years of experience in the fields of audiovisual, photography, culture management and training, we can help our clients and colleagues to promote and raise awareness about cultural, natural and biocultural heritage.

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